How to Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage and Lock in Your Rate

Locking in the best mortgage interest rate is extremely important. Most lenders establish a rate commitment by guaranteeing an interest rate for buyers while they look for a home. This guarantees buyers a specific rate and term on their mortgage loan even if rates rise while they are shopping. Those who don’t lock in a rate may find that interest rates have risen and face a significant decrease in the amount they qualify for or how much home they can afford.

Most lenders require that borrowers receive a full pre-qualification, which will guarantee most rates for 120 days from the submission date. Pre-qualification means that a buyer’s financial information has been reviewed, and a lender has determined the maximum mortgage amount they can afford. There are also other benefits of mortgage pre-qualification. Offers made from pre-qualified buyers are often considered stronger and allow more bargaining power during the negotiation process. Pre-qualification also means the buying process is typically much quicker, as there are fewer potential complications that tend to arise.

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage, and subsequently locking in a rate, is a fairly straightforward process. The buyer must provide the lender with documents required for mortgage approval. Then the lender will guarantee the approved buyers in obtaining a home loan with the agreed rate when the purchase is finalized.

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