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Our Latest Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates and products are constantly changing, and the Canadian market is more competitive than ever before. By choosing a Mortgage Alliance Authorities Professional you can access all your mortgage options with just one phone call. Our mortgage professionals will be working on your behalf to find the right mortgage for your situation. As an independent brokerage, our Mortgage Alliance Authorities Professionals can place your mortgage with any lender that best fits you, whether it’s a major bank or even a private lender.

Rates Last Updated : June 4, 2015

6 Month 3.10% 3.10%
1 Year 2.89% 2.29%
2 Year 2.84% 2.09%
3 Year 3.39% 2.24%
4 Year 3.89% 2.54%
5 Year 4.64% 2.49%
7 Year 5.30% 3.44%
10 Year 6.75% 3.84%
Variable Rate 1.95%
Prime Rate 2.70%
BenchMark Rate 4.64%
Cost Per $1000 $4.47
* Rates may vary provincially and may be subject to change without notice.
Cost per $1000 based on 5yr fixed term rate compounded semi-annually.
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